Mautic - Easy, Fast, and Free Marketing Automation

What is Mautic?

Did You run E-commerce shop? Would You like to get straight to Your audience? Would you like to know what exactly are needs of your visitors? Mautic is best option for you!
Mautic is free tool to manage and create the process of Marketing Automation, which will help you better understand you clients, manage marketing and mailing campaings. It's Open Source competitor on CRM market - it can replace products like Hubspot, Salesforce or Campaigner.
By the way it's distributed ( Open Source) - we can perfect fit the application for your company needs. Do you need to integrate with some service? We can easly create a plugin for you that will cover your needs. Another big advantage of Mautic - it's super-easy to use. You can generate detailed rapport about visitors, new campaign or email template with just few clicks. Interested in?
I'll list few advantages of Mautic, if you want to know more - check the page of Mautic Software - on of the best Mautic specialists

What you can do with Mautic:

  • Complex marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring and identifying of guest users
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Fast development of Landing Pages
  • A / B Tests and dynamic content
  • Clients segments and targeted actions
Mautic - application based on Symfony framework, version 2.8, with the frontend part using Twig Template Engine
I'm not only providing plugins and features for Mautic but also services as - email coding ( graphical project to responsive html + css) and all graphical projects to Twig ( landing pages and forms) (HTML, Mautic JS and more)

My experience with Mautic

Clear Cache

Remove Mautic cache with one click. Be sure all your visitors can see a newest changes in this very moment!

Polish names

Plugin, which brings the mailing for polish people to the new level! One of the most difficult language, where most of names change the endings in different contexts. This plugin gives possibility to use changed version of names.

Autofill Cities

Automate process of updating users / viewers details using this script. ( working by Polish zip-code. We can set-up one for your country too! Contact me, so We can solve Your troubles )

Jakub Helis

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