WordPress - Best free CMS?

What is Wordpress?

WordPress - opensource CMS, that provide easy and fast content change or visual side changes. Written in PHP, famous from the ease of use. Perfect choice for the small pages, company websites and the landing pages. Thousands of plugins and huge community places that CMS on the very top of usage.


  • Huge community
  • Fast development
  • Thousands of plugins
  • Easy to use
  • It's free - Opensource
  • Mobile Application


  • Bad written
  • can be fast too slow to use
  • Open Source - bugs, errors, breaks on update
  • Easy to hack
I also offer a monthly paid plan for WordPress based sites that includes:
  • Weekly backup
  • Security configuration of Wordpress and server + pentests + audits
  • Plugin updates
  • Small changes on client demand
  • Uptime Guarantee - If your site would be hacked or broken - I will fix it or bring it back within 24 hours
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Jakub Helis

Welcome on my website. I'm freelance Developer working mostly with Internet related jobs.

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After work - addicted to lectures from conference all around world ( but I'm rather not used to offline conferences :) ) and new technologies. I try to learn new things all the time, at least one per week ( to learn, not to know! )

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