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What I've doing on my daily basis

I've work with a lot of Web Apps and websites, from years I trying to keep learning new things from the IT and work out the best habbits, which is giving the best quality of service. That's why every code I wrote has 6 months guarantee to work perdectly

In the last 3 years I have worked with both large companies as with local businesses, during this time I have been involved in the creation of websites and web applications as well as a number of other IT-related works. In the execution of jobs entrusted to me, I use the latest but proven technologies, producing high-quality code, using ( SOLID DRY , KISS ). Projects are done in a copy of your server's environment to ensure that everything will work after moving to the target server (although of course after the transfer from the test server I also carry out tests on production server).

Over the years I have dealt with, among others:
  • PSD2HTML - encoding pages from a graphic design to HTML / CSS / JS
  • Pay-pal Payments integration
  • Integration of websites with on-line invoices
  • PSD2WordPress - encoding a graphic design for a WordPress site
  • PSD2Laravel - coding graphic design for Laravel Blade (+ JS / SCSS / HTML / PHP)
  • Internet applications - Programming of full websites from the provided documentation and graphics - depending on the needs and preferences of the client - WordPress / Laravel
  • New features for existing services - including payment systems, comment systems, posts, extensions to OctoberCMS
  • Working with legacy code, Repairing services after HDD (Hindi driven development)
  • Advertisements systems - product filtering, geolocation
  • Pen-testing - penetration testing, security testing, repair after hacks and securing applications and servers
  • Mobile versions of web applications
  • License Server - managing licenses for ( Mautic plugins)
  • And many more ...
Jakub Helis

Welcome on my website. I'm freelance Developer working mostly with Internet related jobs.

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After work - addicted to lectures from conference all around world ( but I'm rather not used to offline conferences :) ) and new technologies. I try to learn new things all the time, at least one per week ( to learn, not to know! )

+48 502059939